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I've been a UK-based illustrator for over thirty years now. For the first part of my career my work was made entirely with ink, paint, paper and collage in a very traditional way - and posted to the client in a very traditional way! Some of the work I was making then can be seen in the 'archive' section.

Getting an Apple Mac to scan and send artwork to clients as the internet and email became practical and accessible inevitably lead to a transition to digital. Even though finished artwork is digital I always start with pen, ink and paper, only later is it worked up in Photoshop.​ In this digital age I believe it's important not to miss out on the enjoyment of real ink, paint and brush work and getting my hands dirty.

During this time I've worked for hundreds of magazines, book publishers, newspapers and advertising campaigns, clients too many to mention in full here but a cross-section includes: Punch, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Time, Honda, the BBC, The Guardian and The Royal Mint.